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Community Guidelines

Post by SilverWolf on Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:31 pm

Welcome to the PuppyQuest forum! Here are some ground rules to make your own dog or wolf and play in our text based forum games!

The dont's:

1: No obscene content

I: You or your character may run his/her mouth, but cannot swear.
II: Memes are OK, but porn and hentai is not. More on that later.

2: If a board category states"Forum games only" don't mess it up.

I: Example, if I'm in the middle of a quest, and someone wants to join, they shouldn't jump on the thread.
II: For another example, if someone intentionally vandalizes and or disrupts the thread, and a mod or admin takes notice, disruptor gets banned.

3: No overly violent/sexualized stories. They'll likely get locked.

I: Example, if you want a romantic story, that's fine, as long as there's nothing sexualized in it.
II: If you want a story with violence, you might want to run it by the lead admin SilverWolf.

4: Personal info threads will be removed.

I: Example, if I revealed my email on a thread, that thread would be deleted on sight.

5: Impersonation is prohibited.

6: US law and your jurisdiction law breaking is prohibited.

I: SilverWolf can see your IP address. He will use it to report law breaking.

The dos:

1: Be a good citizen.

2: Report abuse to a mod.

3: Be kind to one another.

I: Respect them too.
4: Have fun!

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